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Monday, February 1, 2010

Public Service Annoucement....

Mondays are sucky!!
Its hard to get back into the swing of office life, but I'm getting there.
The alarm rang at 6am this morning and my hind-brain kicked in with a grunt that would be considered a NO WAY. I did not get up and go for my 30min walk this AM. So that is a miss.

However, I did get to my step class and it was a gooder! I was drenched with sweat and exhausted after. Perfection!

Food today was excellent and I can see some progress on the swelling in my ankles going away! Water Water Water....I was peeing all day!! Good stuff.
Keep thinking POSITIVE! Tomorrow... more step class and I have my lunch already packed and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture :)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Tamzin. Glad you had a great step class!

Bearfriend xx

jo said...

Great workout! Don't worry about that walk, you kicked at the step. Early morning stuff is hard to get in the habit of.