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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturdays Workout brought to you by Cement

ahhh so much better!! Today I had the pleasure of some good old fashioned physical labor for a workout. I'm soooo happy that:

1. Feb is almost over!
2. I got to do some work and that this "chore" is off the list!
3. It was totally glorious outside today and I enjoyed myself immensely getting some dirt under the old fingernails.

Our driveway is just a leeeetle too narrow. Great for parking on, but not great for stepping out onto. It being Houston, there is not really a lot of natural grass per say (not to mention the fact that the yard has been terribly neglected for a few years..so really not grass), which leaves me to step in the dirt/mud when getting in and out of the car.

Not good.

Especially when you are a 300lb woman in heels... really is no stopping the heel sinking into all the way into the dirt and getting your shoes ruined....and if you are like me... you love your shoes and know that this is a serious issue!

We went by the Lowes - got some 16x16 cement slabs and filler sand and I got to work! Dug out an 18ft long, 1 inch deep and 18 inch wide trench. Filled and leveled with the sand. Placed the stones. Filled the cracks with more sand. Put the dirt back up against the sides and stamped it firm. Viola!

I did have a little help though..... ain't he cute.

Weigh in tomorrow.... I'm not expecting much - I was horrible with working out this week. Today is the first day my back and hip were feeling good. I ate well most of the week, but Friday at the office... well...lets just say I feel into a dough & sugar vat and ate my way out. Not good, Not good at all.


Tiff said...

Cute kitty! Excited to see how the weigh in goes :)

Lori said...

Great job on the driveway - and I love your helper :D

Missa said...

Hey, getting something accomplished and busting some calories is a double NSV! Kudos!



CactusFreek said...

The tiles look great. I imagine that took a while too!

I have a black cat as well. He's an old grumpy man :o)

spunkysuzi said...

Great job on the driveway!! Hey, how did my Snuffy get to your place?? :)