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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ahhh weekend!

Hurray for the weekend. I managed to (just) drag my arse out of bed and go to step class this morning, I have to say that I just couldn't keep up and I had a hard time paying attention. I am not a good morning person.

But its done, all sweaty and happy.

I've been dreading this coming weigh in (tomorrow).... I had been keeping track of what I ate since Thursday, but had not yet put in the actual calorie counts. As I said before, I've been snacking on the not so good for you thing (office treats - cookies, cakes, chocolate...), but in small quantities. I just finished adding it all up. I've stayed in my calorie range, however, there were a couple of days were almost everything I ate was a shade of brown...not good.

However - today NSV was this.... Mr.Tamzin and I were heading home to meet up and go out for lunch. I pulled in the drive, got out and said, "we should really stay in and have the leftovers". So we did and I just finished a great big salad and homemade chili. It was delish and very good for us, AND financially responsible to boot! Hurray!

Regardless, I've spent the last few weeks not being very active, and I've been eating out a lot...this week I've had 4 meals out. I've tried to be good about it - but its just never going to be as good for me as staying in to eat foods that we make (and know what is in them, and get a good calorie count).

Next week I'm going to get using my work gym at the lunch hours. I've been neglecting my favorite part of working out for too long... WEIGHTS! So I'll see what feels good this week and get back into it. I think that physically and mentally, doing 30min of exercise in the middle of the day is going to make me a LOT happier!

Right, speaking of work!!! :) By request - Work is going really quite well. I'm a bit on the bored side - as the people who are going to be able to train me are pressed for time. I do administrative work and I'm in the financial department - so they are busy with year end, and new budget stuff. I'm very pleased with the office, the benefits and the people I'm working for. They are a lively bunch, and enjoy a good laugh. Which certainly makes working there a lot more fun. I got my first full paycheque (paycheck....I guess I'm in the US now I better start spelling like it! ha ha) and that was really nice!
okay - time to get some cleaning done. Get a shower and do some tasks about the house. See you all here tomorrow for the big weigh in!

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anne h said...

Arse and cheque and colour....
It's all good, Ms T