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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Math lesson

The math never lies.... fatty food + too much food + no exercise = GAIN.

This week was not an easy one. Thursdays incident has breed in me a thick fog of self hate. I thank all of you for your kind words, they did help, I'm going to move on. Certainly I can not blame my entrire week on it - this weeks downfall started Wednesday night and was propelled forward from there. I stopped doing what I needed to... track calories and started listening to the food-monster inside of me.....

"eat out..... don't get a salad get a burger.... you lost 4lbs...you can treat youself...drink pop one won't matter" etc etc etc **sigh**

Wednesday Dinner:
Bacon Cheese burger & onion rings
Food was great all day...making up for the buger and rings.
Upset sets in....
Sweet potato waffles (5)
2.5 donuts
3 coffee & creams
chicken tenders
side salad & blue cheese dressing
Chicken Tacos with chips and queso
cookie (just one thank gawd they werent that good)
Pizza with pepperonie and mushroom
Giant Cherry limeaide from Sonic (WTF was I thinking?? This is more soda then any one human should consume in a week)
Sushi at 10:30 at night....Hubby and went out for a late dinner (we are so effing stupid) and had 4 different rolls at a lovley sushi place. Very nice - Yes. But eating at 11pm at night. OMG.... WHY WHY WHY)
THEN>>>>>>>> we stopped at the grocery store because he wanted something sweet. EVERY fibre of my being said to say no, but I didn't and I had a Reese's peanut butter egg. There is 500 calories that I didn't need at midnight.

I'm so ashamed of my food that I have yet to track all the calories that I ate. I will go and correct this this afternoon. AND I put in my calories for the burger on Wednesday but I only put it in the calories count for a cheeseburger not adding the bacon.... you know... why lie to me?! I'm such a mess.

Today I have had a large orange, a coffee with cream and a pumpkin bread slice form Starbucks and its almost 1pm. I feel bloated, sick, upset and angry. I'm mad at myself and this morning I was all like"oh I've been good - I've been working and eating lots of fruits...I look thinner in the mirror" and trying to fool myself into thinking that the scale would be just as kind.

Its not. 297lbs Yup...STRAIGHT back up.

My exercise this week was so limited... the punctuation walk on Thursday and then Friday night I went to the gym and walked for 50min on the treadmill. That is the sum total... where is the Tamzin that was running three days a week?? I want her back.


Lisa "One Mom's Weight Loss" said...

Oh dear....I feel your pain!! I just wrote a post about my personality being a running start, then going completely backwards again. UGH...hate it...

You posted, you were honest with what happened....move forward :)

Karla said...

It is so hard to turn the corner and just do it!!! You will get back on track. Forgive yourself and move on

spunkysuzi said...

"hugs" It's done and over with! Now this is a fresh week, make it count.
You are a strong person, and i know you can and will get back on track.

abbysinthe said...

The best thing about you is that you keep getting back up after you fall. And that's the reason why you're going to succeed. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep reminding yourself that you deserve to be happy & healthy. Never doubt yourself. You can do this! And you will! xoxo