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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Quickie! Don't you feel special!

Oh my! I've been a busy girl (right...I had a brief nap post walk/work when I could have been doing this...but I didn't).

Okay, today's cliff notes:

Food: poor - lots of treats around the office that I indulged in (small quantities - but a few too many of them). Not much in the way of greens.
Exercise: good - 30min walk after work
Water: fair - need to get more in me if I'm going to eat poorly
Sleep: heading there now.

Plan for tomorrow....
Excellent breakfast is planned. Salad and leftover dinner in the fridge for lunch, and gym plans for the evening.

Good Night Blogland!


Lila Leeds said...

There is nothing wrong with a quicky as long as it's done well! lol!
How is your new job going? We wanna know.....

tena said...

You better get to bed! (ha! look who's talking!)

Yea, how is your job going?

i am going to bed, too, i promise ;)

anne h said...

I like what you said about water....