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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


RIGHT NOW... I have not had any water today!!! OMG.... I am getting up and getting water before I go any further with my day. Ahh. Much better.

Warning: This Post is a collection of random shittery.


This morning I was gripped by the pancake monster - and I was trying to think of some ways that I could work "healthy" & "pancake" together to justify getting pancakes (and syrup) for breakfast. I even started to wash the pan to cook them in, and then I woke up and got out my Red Mill 10 grain hot breakfast cereal, put in some oats, and then stuck that it the nuker for 4 minutes with water! Viola!!! Added a small banana, 1 T of natural peanut butter and 1 T of honey and breakfast was completed. I'm only just starting to get hungry now.

Lunch today is going to be toasted open faced mozz & tomato sandwiches on my double fibre bread with Amys Tomato Bisque soup, with a couple of dill pickles. If you have not tried Amys Tomato Bisque soup, you are missing out! It is outstanding!


I woke up this morning and by the gawds was I sore from yesterdays raking adventure!!! I could ACTUALLY feel an abdominal muscle!! (they are there...somewhere deep in there). I am feeling good though, well worn out and my foot is getting better. I have my acuball-mini out for some stretching.


Looking for things to do yesterday I found a couple of organizations that do group hikes in Houston/Texas area. I have a few leads on some weekend activities that will get us up and out of the house.

I'm also thinking about perhaps joining a Dragon boating group. Not too sure on that one yet. I still have no job, so that limits me, as I refuse to buy a car before I get a pay cheque... and of course, no disposable cash without income. So there might be some waiting on that. I'm really missing a social/physical life that I got from sports.


Today I will either 1. go for a walk or 2. go to the gym. Step class is cancelled for the holidays, so that is out. But I will get in something today. I may even attempt my yoga dvd again!

Now, I have had over 1liter of water!!!! and my next task is to start perving on your blogs to see how everyone else is doing. I'm still formulating my plan on what to do about my massive weight gain! I should be dusting off my old excel spreadsheet for food tracking very soon and getting started back into that for one!

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