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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Wrap Up

Got in some extra-cise today as well. Just a short one as my legs are still juuuust a little sore from Fridays "run". We went for a quick 20min walk (2,350 steps - 1.1miles) in the sun and fresh air. There is something amazing about getting outside. I'm a sun baby for sure, all the blue sky is really giving me a lot of positive energy!

Also got in our big Sunday Shopping trip... have a few meals planned out for this week and got a couple of the basics that we need for the shelves. The trip around the store was 1,500 steps. I'm enjoying wearing the pedometer. I guess I like to have numbers to look at, especially since I'm not weighing in and don't have a scale! I will have to do some inches soon... perhaps New Years Inches.....

However, all that being said I have already had over a dozen different thoughts about how I am going to skip out on my morning run tomorrow. Ahh that old chestnut, self doubt!

Regardless, I am pressing on. Running clothes are all set. Ipod is ready to go with my watch and runners.... all laid out in a row!

Okay, early to bed tonight! Get my good zzz's in before I get up tomorrow and show myself who's boss!


Paula Rodriguez said...

Reading your post I feel absolutely guilty for not exercising all weekend. absolutely nada. You're doing great and you've inspired me to lay out my clothes as well. It's cold here in sactown but as long as its not raining, I'm gonna be out there.

Thanks for inspiring me.

Tamzin said...

Bah... guilt is for real crimes! Like eating an entire carton of ice cream! haha

I hope you got out this morning for some fresh air!