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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

See Jane Run!

I really didn't want to (again) go running this morning, but I did!

I ended up at the gym instead of outside as it was raining hard and ... well... I didn't want to dirty up my new pristine runners! hahah What a princess!!!

The run was really quite good once I was started. I even got lost in thought in the last 10min phase and ended up running an extra minute while my mind was off in another place. Amazing!

Of course the "She Wolf" song is timed perfectly for the "gawd damn I don't want to be running" portion of the run, and the "Sexy Chick" song is well positioned for the "walking would be nice right about now" phase! Both songs get me moving and running that little bit harder. I walked for another 20 minutes and was all done!

Managed to get in 55min in total, 3 miles (I think... I forgot to write it down). I feel pretty darn good about it. **BIG SMILE**

Yesterday I dusted off and reworked my of food diary. I have my excel sheet with my total calories for the day with a percentage for Carbs, fat and proteins (55%, 20%, and 25% daily intake respectively). Then I can track each food for calories, carbs, fats and proteins with what my daily should be and see if I can kick start my eating in a new direction. Tracking itself is a wake up - well... more mindful since you have to remember what it was and write it down.

On a side note - the HR woman's (with whom I have an interview on the 5th) name who I misspelled emailed me back with a "not a problem, have a great holiday" email. Phew! And yesterday I was called by an agency regarding another position that I applied for. Fingers crossed for an interview on that one too. I would very much like to rejoin that land of the working!

Another side note - I really want to thank all of you for your comments these last few days. It is really been hard to bite the bullet and accept that I have failed and move forward again. Even blogging can make one feel like they are still isolated. Your comments were very appreciated. You all rock my socks!!! Perspective is free for the taking, but can be hard to get and focus on ones success! You have all given me that with your blogs and your comments, and I thank you.


totegirl said...

Whoot whoot! Excellent job on the run! Keep up the good work, and I'll be plugging along right besides you!

Katie J said...

Glad we can rock your socks. Sounds like you rocked your socks right off today girlie!

Deb said...

Am I reading that right? You ran for 55 minutes? Damn. That is impressive!

jane said...

55 mins! thats really great for a run you didn't want to do!

Tamzin said...

55mins of running!!!! You Crazy Deb!

30 min of running another 25 of walking!! :)

I will get to 55mmin eventually.. but I'm sore enough today with only 30! teehee!