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Monday, December 28, 2009


So in the massive wake of my weigh in yesterday, I forgot to add in that on Sunday I did a 3.5mile walk, which was 7,000 steps on my pedometer. :)

Today I was supposed to go for my morning run, however after yesterdays walking my plantar fasciitis started acting up - which is always a clear indicator to me that I need to get some new runners - which I did! Asics 2150's! My fave and they carry large and wide sized. Mine are size 10.5 normal, but they do carry up to size 12 wide for the ladies!

I woke up and my poor foot was very sore and stiff (I'm not surprised in light of my 16lbs gain) so I decided that I would walk today instead of running and potentially making it worse. I'm hoping to get in a run tomorrow instead.

So me and Mr. Tamzin went for a walking the sunshine - 2.75miles in 45minutes (5,500 steps). Then we stopped by the HomeHardware for a couple of rakes and spent the next 2 hours in the yard getting all the leaves up and bagged. My GAWDS I'm sore now. Raking is quite the workout.

I've been pretty blue since yesterday, but I'm looking for the light in this, I really am. I'm making a list and checking it twice and I know that I can make changes that are going to impact me in a positive way.

For right now, I'm staying moving, trying to get in more activity and staying positive. I can not let myself side away into the Pity Party that is waiting for me (complete with binge) should I let that get the better of me. This time it won't...the Pity Party will have to go somewhere else for invitees.

1 comment:

Katie said...

You can do this! Even with the weight gain...look what you can do that you couldn't do a year ago. You can go out running! You ROCK, Tamzin!
Keep at it! We'll get there! :)