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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Will Power Vs Chocolate... WP WINS

Managed to salvage this weekend as best I could. Got in some more water.

We went for a walk on Saturday afternoon, hubby and I did 30min of strong walking - 3,400 steps and about 1.9miles if I remember correctly.

Saturday night we went for dinner with friends, rustic Italian place. I shared a calamari and caprese salad starters and small thin crust oven bakes pizza (caprese also...I do love me some tomatoes, mozza and basil!). Had water (no pop) and felt really good.

These friends are BIG drinkers. In fact, they almost always want to go to the bar and just sit and drink. Which I am not a fan of and they were kind enough (knowing that I am not a drinker) to ask me to suggest some other things for us to do....

Three Words...


haha! It was great - an hour of throwing 10lbs balls down the lanes. I had a glass of diet dr. pepper. They had massively over poured highballs for cheap and all were happy. We did end up in a bar after for a post bowling drink, I had a gin and tonic. But it was a welcome change to total ass-numbing sitting for three hours.

We are going to give bingo a try too. But I'm going to have to think of some other things that we can do physically to do with them in the evenings or else I'm going to go crazy.

Oh.. and the Will Power part of this post. After dinner they asked me what I wanted to do ... and what I WANTED to say was... lets go for dessert at the Chocolate Bar so that I could scarf down exra large portion of cake.

Anyway - almost snuggle time so I need to wrap this up. My legs are sore and so is my neck and shoulders and arm from the bowling. All in all a good weekend and I'm going to carry this into the coming week.

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