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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good by Default

Today was a pretty good day - I did my step class this evening and for the most part eating was really good. But this was mostly because there is nothing bad in the house at the moment. If there was... I would have been stuffing it in my face as fast as my little hands would allow.

I suppose this is the reason not to have any around! :)

oat pancakes (1 egg, 3/4c rolled oats, 1/2c heartsmart bisquick, water) with walnuts and honey
coffee with fat free cream

rice with shrimp in tomato sauce with onions and peas (Husband made it for dinner last night)

Lynn's amazing Butternut Squash Mac&Cheese. I add spinach to mine! And the cheese was a mix of sharp cheddar and white Mexican. Very nice and I'm all full of warm goodness! The Butternut squash was HUGE!

Now its time for bed. Today I did not get enough to drink. I need MORE water. Mostly I got caught at my desk online looking for work and effing about in general... before I sat down I needed to bring my water and I didn't. Big minus!

Must get in my Litre before sleepy time!

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karen@fitnessjourney said...

I think you may have had a revelation! No junk in the house=good eating. I used to buy the junk for my kids and husband, but no more! If they want it, they have to buy it and go get it themselves. My husband has been known to make a potato chip run from time to time, but it has helped him too. When it's not in the house it's pretty inconvenient to have to go get it.