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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here I go again

Last night post workout I did my first weigh in for several months. And I'm back up to where I started in November 2008. So a year later, and I'm at 281.8lbs, so really I'm a pound more then when I started a ear ago.

Depressing... yes, but no so depressing that I won't start this over. There is so much new going on right now with my life, that really - its okay. Its the jumping in point that I need.

Last night was gym time with hubby and friend.

10min elliptical
seated military press - 25lbs x2
Incline bench press - 35lbs x2
drag curls - 15lbs x2
lat pulldowns - 100lbs
decline bench press - 35lbs x2

we did 4 reps of each exercise, and it was... HARD! I've not lifted weights for a good 4 months!! My shoulders and back are aching today. But the good ache, so I'm pleased.

Tonight is step class, so I'm looking forward to that. Must get some more water in me!

Tomorrow... more thinking on my goals and what I want to do here. And how I'm going to do it.


Losing It- for real said...

good job @ the gym!

skinnyfitkate said...

You can do it this time! You and me both xx

Katie said...

You're not alone in having to start over....but you've got great plans and have a good start! yay!

d.fine09 said...

I'm right there with you. My little guy is turning one tomorrow and I weigh as much as when I was 7 months pregnant with him. Yikes! Back at it again! Cheers!