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Monday, October 26, 2009


Here we go again with my lack of motivation. I've not had any water today AND I've been procrastinating on getting anything done... i.e. Yoga.

So I have to post again to say that I will do it... so that I do!

Happily the last time I did my yoga I had a look at the other two levels and they are NOT what I thought,,, which was harder yoga positions. Level 2 is abs/Pilate's style and Level 3 is weights/strength style.

So today I will do the strength one. :)

Then I will shower and make a late lunch and watch Hero's - season 1 and do some sewing or something else crafty.

Hoping that Hubby and I will go to the gym tonight, but the weather is terrible, so not too sure if that will happen.

Sunday - total shite - Mr. K was at work ALL DAY. I dropped him there at 9.30am and he wasn't home until 11pm. Total rubbish. So we have to make up for it this week. Need a date night. I didn't do anything exercise wise - and I should have. I did do a lot of chores around the house, but that was it.

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Losing It- for real said...

you can do it! I just started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred at Level 1- HOLY MOLY! Its hard. but its only 20 mins which is super nice