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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comes with the territory!

Before I get started into the fatness/fitness part of my life.... yesterday (and the day before) I was subjected to the "palmetto bug"...or what I call one MASSIVE ASS COCKROACH!

Happily the husband was around to kill them with bug spray and clean up the remains. But my gawds... they are HUGE and SCARY. :( I know that down this way these bugs are more common, and when it gets really wet outside they like to find their way inside of places, but I have dedicated our home to a kill zone. No cockroach will get clemency of any kind.

Anyway - back on track.

Step class last night... SO sweaty! It was great and my legs are good and sore today (but not the agony of last week). However, I totally forgot to weigh in. So, in exchange I am going to do my measurements and hope that we get to the gym later this week and do my weigh in.

Right, here we go....
Neck - 16.5
Chest - 51.5
Ribs - 46.5
Waist - 49.5
Hips - 53
L Bicep - 14.5
R Bicep - 15
L Thigh - 27
R Thigh - 26
L Calf - 18
R Calf - 17.2
Total Inches: 334.7inches
I was starting to think about NOT doing my yoga today, but this has cheered me up - and I will do my yoga today.
Don't you love how success breeds success!


VRaz60 said...

Inches gone are a very good thing. Way to go.

big_mummy said...

omg they give me the heebie jeebies!! i have never once seen one in real life, and let me tell you i never fricking want to *shudder*

yay on the inches loss, that is wonderful!co

Lainey said...

Oh god, I hate cockroaches! I used to have them in an apartment I used to rent. My cats thought they were quite a delicacy.

The landlord finally hired some guy who came in and put some kind of paste behind the stove, fridge, and bathroom and kitchen sinks, and they started turning yellow and then disappeared.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great job so far!

And congrats on the inches lost!

tena said...

Well, you could almost saddle that puppy up and ride him!

I HATE those things. And beware, they can fly! If you spray them with Raid while their on a wall they will fly at you! Freaks me out. Get come Combat trap things. They really help.

Good job on inches lost! Just keep working it!

VNR said...

In places where children or pets can't get to.... BORIC ACID. This really really works for me! I hate those things they terrify me!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. Congrats on inches lost. Always a good feeling!

Great job on doing the yoga - you're obviously in a virtuous circle!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

SeaShore said...

Congrats on the inches lost!

And, yeah, that's a big bug! Icky.