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Saturday, October 24, 2009

wasted day

Friday night the Hubby wanted to go to the gym, but it was SO BLOODY LOVELY out that I insisted that we go for a walk int the city park. 3miles I believe! Poor guy, he really likes lifting weights and really didn't want to go walking.... but he is good to me so agreed to go.

It was great, I loved getting outside and walking, it just feels good to me. Plus, there were bullfrogs starting to sound off for mates.

Today was a total write off however. Hubby was called into work in mid morning, so I was left at home. Another friend called over to entertain me, but in the end we didn't do anything very physical - helped with some clean up at her house, and then she dropped me at the husbands office, and I spend a good deal of time reading my book and the paper waiting for him to finish up. I wish that I had stayed home - at least then I could have done my yoga dvd... oh well - I'll do that tomorrow.

Hope Saturday was good to you all.


tena said...

It was a gorgeous day! Don't feel bad about missing a day. Life happens :)

dani31608 said...

It's good to have a day off every now and again. And even better that you wanted to get moving instead of having one! It's great that exercise is not a chore for you but something you *want* to do.

Have a great day today!