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Friday, October 30, 2009

New "Classic Me"

Wednesday.... the best laid plans... did not go as planned. After my glorious post of lost inches and that "success breeds success", I did not get to my yoga. In all honesty - I can not remember why. But I'm sure it had something to do with watching season one of Heroes on DVD and not wanting to bother getting my yoga on.

Yesterday I was planning on yoga AND gym in the evening (you know... to make up for not doing yoga on Wednesday). Hubby has his bass guitar lessons on Thursday - so I go to the gym and he picks me up after. Then in mid afternoon I decided that I would just "work EXTRA hard" at the gym and not do yoga...

This is such a slippery slope for me. I have a history of taking small wins and turning them into massive fails...

But the weather took a turn for the worse yesterday, and by the time that Mr.Tamzin arrived home there was street flood warnings and we had been on tornado watch for most of the day.

So, no gym and no bass lesson. And I very very very nearly decided to not do anything that evening.

BUT... fear not brave bloggers.....

I pulled up my socks, and put on my yoga clothes and did it. In fact, I did it better and harder then I have yet. I got all sweaty, and worked really hard, and I can see a difference in my ability to stretch and reach and hold and I was deeper in the lunge poses. :) YAY!!!

Classic me. One day of lax and it can set off a chain of lackadaisical efforts and excuse making. However, this time I did it and got myself back in. So I guess this is the new me - that can always find time to do 30min of yoga in my living room.

**Big Grin**

okay - and since I need to start doing this too.

Here is breakfast today:

12 coffee with 2oz fat-free half & half (don't ask... I dont know how you can have fat free cream, but it is and its tasty!)
1 pot Plum& Walnut greek yogurt
6 extra Walnuts on top
1 whole wheat pita
3TBS natural peanutbutter
1 med banana

Snack 1:
1 gingersnap LaraBar

2cups Ginger/Carrot soup
1 Whole wheat pita
1tbs marg

Snack 2:
Pink Lady Apple


dani31608 said...

Nicely done! Congrats to the "new you". =)

Katie J said...

You are on the right track to the new you!