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Friday, October 16, 2009

Crying over cookies

Yesterday I was good with water - got over 2L in... which has been a hard sell for me lately - sitting around and not doing much has made it hard to get my water in. And I did my yoga dvd as well - getting ready to get it done again today. Yoga is hard. :( haha But I'm enjoying it for sure. I do love me some Warrior pose.

Food wise... very bad. Me and the hubby are over eaters... and when one is off track the other is more then happy to jump on that wagon.

We went out for lunch to a deli and I knew that I was going to have a salad... but I ordered the Cesar (ug) and then... we shared a banana cream pie slice. WTF? Its lunch, we don't need dessert.

Then dinner was mexican nachos with queso (cheesey goodness) and I had a mango liquado (mango, ice and milk). The we stopped for some groceries and the hubby picked up some pecan/caramel cookies. I should have said no. I was full from dinner and didn't want any cookies... but when he opened them in the car, oh yes... I ate one. The last mouthful of cookie that I had in my fingers I threw out the window.

Mr. K asked what that was?? Which sparked the , "I'm so fat, why am I eating cookies" waterfall, and all that jazz. Poor guy. I'm so out of sorts from moving and of course, my crushing self loathing at the moment. I can't go out - I hate his friends seeing how gross I look, my clothing doesn't fit right. BLARG.

Anyway, this weekend we are going to do a massive kitchen clean-up and get that all in order and then we can get into cooking good foods instead of getting take out and going out to eat all the time.

Next week I'm going to start diving the hubby to work so that I can get to the gym in the mornings, and then pick him up in the afternoons. That will be a good bit more fun for me and less laying around feeling sorry for myself.


okay... almost yoga time.


right - after procrastination via blog surfing (many thanks to Karens post on Fitcetera I sent and did my workout) I read another post from Tena about attitude adjustment (No wonder I've missed reading my fav blogs) which was the same reason that I wanted to add this.

One Good Thing..
The one good thing that I've done is no longer order pop/softdrinks/sweet tea when eating out. I always order water. Its going very well.


*ANA* said...

HI :) well atleast your gonna clean out the kitchen and thats a start. we have 2 weeks in oct, nov and dec left in this year i noticed you started bloging in 2008so pick your self back up. plan your meals ahead of time and stick to your plan!!! se a goal for your self and finish of the year strong :) it is hard to lose weight set your mind set your goals and plan plan plan!

tena said...

Hey, Tam! I've been thinking about doing more yoga, too. I always feel good when I'm all streched out.

H-town can be a land mine when it comes to eating out. You and hubby will do much better cooking most meals at home. I know I always do better when I don't eat out.

We have some good weather today! Enjoy it while it lasts, haha!

tena said...

Oh, and I'm glad you're here! Been missing you!

*fitcetera* said...

Hey You!
I just ordered a yoga dvd ... the one from Bob from the Biggest Loser.

I've just gotten back on track with the treadmill myself.

I'm glad you're back!