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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the fat came back....

the very next day,
the fat came back,
she thought it was a goner.
But the cat came back;
it just couldn't stay away.
Away, away, yea, yea, yea....

I haven't even dared to step on the scale. I will have to do that soon.

Here are the things that I am doing:

  1. I now have a date with a friend to meet at the park on T/Th for a 30 min jog.
  2. I am back drinking my water. Trying to get back up to 5L a day
  3. I have a thursday night (post run) date to do weights.
  4. I am going to make a commitment to go to one step/cardio class a week at the gym.

I took all last week off and I totally renno'ed the bedroom and master bathroom. New paint, furniture, cleared out a BUNCH of old shit, 5 bags of clothing donations, shoes, bags. You name it. The bedroom looks amazing now. And I had a massive week of exercise. Bending stooping sweeping, rubbing painting. My shoulder and neck are totally locked up now.

My eating has been RUBBISH though, and that is what has packed the weight on. I'm guessing about 10lbs.

Anyway, that is the cliff notes on my last few weeks. Time to get back into blogging and losing. Enough time piddling about feeling sorry for myself and how hard it is to lose weight. Its hard being fat. Time to get out. Spring is here, the sun is out. Make some changes.


Katie J said...

Looks like you have a plan and that is a step in the right direction.

It is a new month, so let's see what we can accomplish this month!

P.S. Get on the scale and get it over with and move on! You know what to do!

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

Isn't it amazing how the fat comes back? And so much faster, than it takes to get it away!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Glad you're back. Isn't it just the worst when it comes back??? Good news is: you've prepared yourself for the reality and have also made a plan of attack to conquer it. You can do it! :)

Twix said...

You were super busy! Glad you rounded it all up. :) High five on realizing it's time to get the eating back under control!

Tamzin said...

Done and Done!! thanks ladies! Time to crack the whip on myself and get reading your blogs so I know all the happenings!!


weigh incompleted.
running completed
water in progress!!