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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday was a good day for water and given that it was our special night out for dinner, we didn’t do too badly. I’ve been fighting some very bad edema in my feet and ankles, its creeping up into my calves.

Serious damage done in youth that starts to take its toll for sure, plus last week wearing too tight shoes with heels all week pretty much did me in.

On a good note, last night for dinner we had a starter soup each, shared three appies and shared a dessert. I did also have a gin fizz and a half a gin fizz!! We ate slowly and lingered over the good stuff on our plates. When we were done I couldn’t believe how impossibly full we felt. Normally we would have plowed through so much more food!

I’ve not been getting up to do my kettle bell work, and I’ve stopped going for evening walks. Both of these have contributed to the swelling and the lack of being able to crawl my fat arse out of bed. I need a chart…with boxes to check off.

I’m really just circling right now. There are so many things to do and so many tasks that need attention that I’m really just doing nothing. Hinks Law – the more options there are the harder it is to choose.

So I did one good thing. Yesterday I requested a week off work. Monday is a stat, and I’ve taken Tuesday – Friday off. No travel, no activity, no family…. I can do whatever it is that I want and need to do that will make my life better. That is mostly going to be – clean out and re-organize the bedroom. Also – re-paint, and go through all the things that we do not need.

Or… I might not. I might just carve out some space, walk in the park, read and sew and drink coffee and just RELAX. I can’t decide. It’s a real luxury that I can’t think of ever having taken before. I’ve always had holiday with a purpose. “I need time for X or Y”. So this is going to be amazing!!

Tonight – walking
Tomorrow – kettle bells

This is written and so it shall be done!


Twix said...

Good for you! So it shall be done. :) Time off sounds great.

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

You and these kettle bells. Every time you mention them you make me sad/jealous. I always think, "Oh, I need to get back into those..."

So now I just joined crossfit (they use a lot of kettle bells) and its pretty much all your fault. So thanks alot!!!!! But really, thanks:) PS you owe me eighty bucks a month.