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Thursday, March 3, 2011


ahhhh, much better!

Two and half weeks I've been suffering with neck and shoulder pain. I finally broke down and got a recommendation for a Chiropractor, after getting a super massage last week and it only just helping slightly. I couldn't go on without some intervention!

This chiro works on people AND animals. Mostly horses and dogs, so I figured that she must be strong enough for a thick girl like me if she can handle a horse! HAHA

She did an amazing job. Best Doc of Chiro that I've seen. My jaw has been clicking for oh... 10 years from an old rugby collision. Fixed. I can't even tell you how strange it is that my jaw IS aligned now.

I had the best nights sleep last night that I've had in 2 weeks. YAY!!

Running tonight. My legs are hot and sore today. So tonight's run is going to be hard to start, but at the end I know I'm going to feel great.


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Glad the chiro is helpful!

Kelly said...

Nothin' like a good crackin!