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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Monday

BLARG....Monday. :(

Thats how I'm feeling about everything today. At 2pm I finally forced myself to get out of the house and go for a walk. I did a lap around the park - 3miles. It was really nice out - warm and sunny! It has improved my Monday substantially.

It was great to get out there and get it done. It was getting pretty critical as I was halfway through a bag of "low fat" chips when I finally pried myself off the couch and got moving.

I'm feeling pretty Meh about life today ...I'm sure that its just a combo of the blas and the stress of life my life catching up with me. I need a job, need to get unpacked, need to get the house cleared out first, need to do this, need to do that...its just all overwhelming, so I think that tomorrow is going to be list day. Get the pen and paper out and get a priority list out of things that need doing, and then I can feel better about crossing off duties!

However, today I'm just REALLY glad that I managed to do something active when I didn't want to.

Saturday & Sunday were a bust. We ended up doing a lot of running around, but no actual exercise.

I've been starting my mornings okay food wise, but I've been sneaking in more and more junk. Not good. So I have been trying to make sure that I eat before I'm famished. Happily this Halloween I had only.....


Yes, that is all. It was a Babe Ruth (I'd never had one of those before or I wouldn't have had anything).

1 comment:

SeaShore said...

Only one! I'm impressed :) That's waaay better than I did!