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Friday, March 18, 2011


Yay!! got out and did my Thursday run with my buddy. Tuesday was a skip as she was out of town, but I did a walk with the hubby instead.

Ahhh exercise. It just feels so good once I’m out there… but by gawds, I never want to start!!

I hate the dark mornings, but I love that it is light out until 8pm. We did a little trail run in the dirt paths at the park. 5min jogging, 1 min walking times 5 times. We also got a little lost… on a trail I didn’t know where it ended, but it was nice and just meant we eneded up with an extra 10min of walking after the running was done. No harm done there!

I also did a little bit of weights with the hubby after and had a good sleep last night!!

My legs and shoulders are sore, so I have to be sure to get in some more stretching.

This weekend I’m up in the North Texas enjoying a Scottish festival! Lots of fun and festivities! I should be back Saturday night, so I have my Sunday run to do. Or we may just do a log slow walk. That would be good too.

Yesterday I wore a 1x shirt that I bought three months ago. It finally fit!!! I regret not taking pictures of it then and now.

In fact it is totally time for more pictures and I've been lazy and not doing it. Time to get my photo ON. Another project for Sunday.

For eating and watering: Eating has been on and off, but all my clothes are feeling good. I’ve still not been getting enough water, I can tell since I POUNDED my half Liter in the car this morning so fast I forgot if I had even had it. HA!!

Right. Work is slow, there is next to no one in the office so I can get some blog perving caught up!


Princess Dieter said...

Yeah, I love walking with hubby. I find it oddly cheering and romantic. However, there are days when I want to do it alone, think, have things goingo n in my head...and that has value, too. I can focus more on posture than chatting. :)

Happy Weekend!

Tena said...

I love it when I get out there, but I really have to talk myself into it. Sounds like all the exercise is paying off! Congrats on the 1X fit!

I hate the dark mornings, too. But with more light in the evenings - more riding and walking time, oh yeah!

Have fun at the Scottish events! Pics? C'mon.

Kelly said...

Good job!

Hope you're having a great time at the Scottish festival. :)

Debbie said...

Good for you on the walk with hubby. I wish I could get hubby to walk with me. Have a great day.