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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inches...2.4 INCHES!!!!!!

Well... looks like I'm not going to get to the gym for a workout - but I am going to go to the park and walk the 3mile loop. As... I am currently eating pumpkin reeses mini treats. ARGGGG


Neck - 16.2
Chest - 50
Ribs - 44
Hips - 49.5
L Bicep - 15
R Bicep - 14.6
L Thigh - 27
R Thigh - 26.5
L Calf - 18
R Calf - 17.5

Total Inches: 332.3inches....

HOLY HELLO!!!! that is down 2.4 INCHES!!!!!!!

Thats it... the first thing that I am going to do when I get up from this post is to go and throw away the rest of that candy. My gawds I am crazy!!!!!!!


~*~ Beckie-Lynn ~*~ said...

PUT THE CANDY DOWN!!!!! 2.4 inches is AMAZING, girl... don't sacrifice it for some yucky ol' processed candy! ((lol)) Congrats on your inches down, that's awesome success. You should be VERY proud of yourself. Keep up the good work... you're on your way to your goal!! Woo-hoo!!! *high five*

Tamzin said...

I DID!!! OMG what was I thinking???... >.<

then i went out and grabbed that bag of candy, put it in a grocery bag, tied it up and smooched it all up then burried it in the kitchen trash... Phew!

I also went for my walk and sweated it up.

Thanks for posting Beckt-Lynn, I'm looking forward to reading your posts! :)

Tamzin said...

good gawds

1. smooshed...not smooched
2. Becky... not Beckt


Jeanne said...

STEP AWAY FROM THE CANDY!!!!! (lol) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hopefully we can BOTH get rid of the candy...AND THE INCHES!!! (some pounds would be good too....lol)


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Holy inches is right! Congrats on 2.4 inches! So glad to hear you put the candy in the kitchen trash! Better there then on your ass :)

Sweety On A Diet said...

You are doing so well!