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Monday, November 9, 2009


Right, I did it. I had to break out of the rut that I have been in for the last few days/week.

I did the warm up, the regular yoga section, then the strength section and the cool down. Perfect. Even had a drop of sweat roll off my nose and onto the mat. :) Hurray!!

Next up - get an apple and start some laundry.

Lets see...

Friday was a lot of running around, but no actual workout. Sloth day.

Saturday was clean up the house (more hubby then me), we went for an evening walk in the park - 3miles. It was so nice out at that time.

Sunday was another sloth day, not a lot got accomplished other than a lot of socializing (fun) and 2 glasses of wine in the evening and a catch up with some friend we haven't seen in ages. Which was great. Sundays victory was that we had a full day of visiting complete with potluck... at which I did over eat a bit... but NOT to my usual standard. There was a veggie tray and ate the crap outa that. And managed to drink mostly water, and not all the soda that was there. It was nice to feel like I was more in control of what I was eating, there was less urgency... if you know what I mean. No.... fear feeling. Humm, hard to describe, but that feeling was missing. Which was nice.

Today was not great - until now. I slept late, had breakfast and then spent nearly the entire day job hunting online, then web surfing and getting sweet F.A. done. That yoga was a great break up of that pattern. Now I all warm and stretched out. Its great.

This evening I'm getting a massage (I hope) and more cleaning. My brother is coming for a 5 day visit on Wednesday - so we need to get the house in order. Hoping that tonight the remaining kitchen will be done and we can get moving on some other bits.

Regardless, I'm feeling pretty good. My water intake has been good. Food is still a problem, but its on my list of things that I am working on. Right now my main focus is getting in exercise and drinking water. It seems to be doing its job at the moment. I know that soon I'm going to have to address the food issues.

For now, I'm happy with how I'm progressing.


266 said...

Thanks so much for swinging by my blog! I love how the online community is contantly surprising me with how great and supportive it is. Congratulations on getting that first ten pounds off! It can be a really hard journey, but it is SO worth it. Keep up the great work!

jo said...

A massage! Oh, enjoy!!!

jeimayprovy said...

Nice job on the yoga! And enjoy that massage :-)