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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

weekend over

The weekend with the hubby was awesome - family wedding was fun, weather was great - hipfloexor was more then good!! got plenty of rest and recration! Ate in various degrees of good and bad... there was a buffet and I only went up once and me and husband shared a small plate of dessert.

Went and got a load of groceries last night - fruit and cottage cheese at the office... didn't eat it... more for tomorrow I suppose.

Dinner is going to be at the naughty eaters house tonight... I suck. I made all these plans and now I can't stick to any of them. I bailed on the gym at lunch today in favor of eating with friends - to which I was going to bring my fruit..but didn't...

MUST GET BACK ON TRACK... just don't have a clue how to.


Kimberly said...

Take it one meal, one work out at a time. Set yourself up for success by having what you need to eat on hand or lay out your workout clothes the night before. Then just do it one step at a time. Sometimes it just takes on action to start a reaction and allow you to gain momentum in getting and staying on track.

Lila Leeds said...

When I look back on a weekend of broken promises & delicious food I think to myself, did I enjoy myself? Yes. Do I feel guilty? No. Will I do it next week? NO!
Lets face it, your weekend wasn't exactly a "normal" weekend. Famliy weddings don't happen every weekend. Just get back on that weight loss wagon & enjoy the ride;)

Katie said...

It is truly a battle within ourselves to fight the fat. I know that all too well. :O
We make bad decisions, but I agree to take it one meal at a time. I have to break it down even more than that when it's extra hard. One minute at a time....one snack urge at a time, etc.
Are you still running?