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Thursday, August 27, 2009

sore and tired

walking to the office and home these last couple of days has been hard. I'm not my usual speedy walker - I'm dragging and my legs are hurting...

So tonight I'm going to take it easy and just get some rest.

This morning I did have a very good breakfast. 1/2c all bran with skim milk...my gawds it takes ages to eat that stuff... chew chew chew... and then a largish banana. The walking is still nice - but I'm starting to look for short cuts - so I know its time to get some rest.

Tried very hard to get more water in today. Didn't do great - but I'm still trying. Going to get in another litre before bed time at the very least.

time to go home. YAY!


Sweety On A Diet said...

The good thing about all bran is that it keeps you full for so long and the fiber content is great!

Katie said...

You are making some great progress! :)