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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ug...guilt sucks

Well last night... I pulled out of the dinner... I gave a lame-o excuse about having papers to rummage through and chores to do around the house and I got a really rude answer back from the friend...

She was right - I was avoiding their house - just not for the reasons that she thinks... and I can't tell her the real reason because she is sooo sensitive about their lifestyle at the moment that it would have caused even MORE issues.

It felt good to know that I was going to get some things done around the house, AND eat a good meal... and I did go home - ate my chicken, yams and broccoli...however, I did feel various stages of mad, sad, guilty and angry all evening about it. ARG...

This making good choices is hard. :(

Today's food was okay. I've been starting my mornings with a cuppa All Bran and skim milk before work... indeed fibre is an interesting thing!! ha still not getting enough greens in... and I have a massive bowl of fruit that I haven't even TOUCHED... I know what I'm going to be eating this weekend.

right! Off home. This no computer BS is not fun. I don't get to look at what everyone else is doing :(

on a good note - I should be down in the US of A by Oct 1. I finally was contacted for my interview with the embassy and am one step closer to the visa!!! HURRAY!!!!!!


Nerd Girl said...

the thing about dieting/weightloss/getting healthy is that it can be a very selfish road. People either accept that and cheer you on or they go against you. The ones that go against you are usually the ones that are living an unhealthy lifestyle(like your friend) and are actually somewhat jealous that you have the will power to say no. It is OKAY to say no, and OKAY to do the right thing for YOU. It is sometimes hard not to feel guilty/mad/sad etc, but if it is leading you into a healthier lifestyle it is WORTH it. Keep it up!

Tena said...

Putting ourselves first is hard sometimes. Just keep doing what you know is best for YOU.

Yay! You're on your way to the USA! Whoop!

Lila Leeds said...

I hope you can smooth things over with your friend (I reckon you are in the right though).

Hey, I just had a good look at your progress pics - you have great legs! I wish mine were a good shape like that(rather than blobby stumps).

Katie said...

It is hard for others to accept sometimes that you need to do what is healthy and/or right for you. I'm diabetic and have explained it others when refusing a sweet...and there are times they STILL get offended. That is their problem, but you do need to be honest with them.
Just share that you have to really be strict with yourself right now and would hope for her support in your healthy journey.
Where in the US will you end up?
(Utah is pretty darn awesome, btw! lol)

Tamzin said...

Thanks for the great comments from all. I don't think that there is a real issue - I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lie - it was just hurtful at first, but its my life and my food... if I have to avoid some things then I shall. Bah! Its my life right!! :)

As for the immigration - I'm heading to Houston!! Weeee