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Monday, August 10, 2009

moving moving moving

Another move this weekend - to another house of friends that are taking me in for three weeks. JOY! :( I'm so sick of getting bounced around. But such is my life right now.

On a good note - this new house is a delightful 45min walk to work, really a great distance. Also close enough to walk for food and coffee on weekends. :D Big plus!

Moving on the weekend was hard - I was under motivated for sure.

This week I am prepping for humiliation as I have my pre-immigration medical... at which they will weigh you (Oh yes, I will get the hairy eyeball for sure). Ug. I also had to secure some prior medical records for them. This was a surgery on my ankle after a fall from my horse... I had a read and I was described as "an extremely overweight 15 year old". double ug. Honestly...how long am I going to continue to do this to myself?? Alas, I must move forward mentally before the physical can come along.

So - work is almost done - and its time for me to change - put in the ipod and walk home! I'm so looking forward to it. :) Might even do an extra long trip just because!


Fat Daddy said...

Moving...I hate moving.

I plan to move again in 2050.

Katie said...

not living in your own home is rough. We were in a hotel for awhile...with our lab...and my eating went right out the window. I'm thrilled you have a good walk to work and good friends to help you out right now.
Houston, eh? Very hot and sticky humid....very spread out, but there is an IKEA there...whew! Close to the ocean, too! Have a wonderful time! :)

Tena said...

I'm sorry you had to move again, but at least it's working out better for you. I hate going to the doc. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety :(

Katie is right. I hope you like hot weather. We have many months of summer here :D