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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

more greenz

I haven't had the best day and a bit of eating for sure... I was out for lunch yesterday and today - and I had dinner out last night, and I was too late to work to get a proper breakfast on the way out the door. However, today my underroos were fitting looser then before - so I think that all this walking has been doing good. I need to get some more greenz in my food.

Tonight is walk home and then a training session with the old team - nothing too stressful I hope - and then home. My plan..toasted tomato, ham and cheese sammich with red grapes and some Wheat Thins.

I'm very tired today - I didn't get a lot of sleep this weekend past - and I've had very restless sleep for Sunday and Monday nights. My eyes are sore and tired. Coffee hasn't' even kick started me today. :(

Other then that., I have another move this weekend - I need to get all packed up and wash all my clothes so that I can start fresh at the new digs... back tot eh basement of bad eating... but this time - I'm going to do a lot more walking - and will be trying to get back into the gym again at lunch times.

Water has been okay to poor... more often then not I don't get enough. In fact I've only peed twice today at the office. That's bad. Getting on top of it now. water water water!!!!

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