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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

...dare I say it....

but I looked i the mirror this morning and I looked like I had lost weight... so you're right VRaz ... it was the evil scales at the Medical Clinic!

So its another day of walking to and from home to office. I have been one sweaty-betty in the mornings and at night... this equals a lot of showers and laundry - but whatever! The 45min in the morning is awesome... wait. I'm going to go and calculate the distance... just for posterity's sake...

3.65km one way. so 7.3km every day

Give or take a few depending on route. Thats...pretty darn great I have to say - and no wonder I'm thinking that I looked a little different in the mirror this morning.

On top of that - I've been eating pretty well - I'm still snacking too much and eating too big of portions, but I've been making meals at home at night and not eating out. I've been on a ham, cheese, and tomato sammich kick. As well as red grapes/green apple/wheat thins and cheese dinner as well. I'm getting a lot more fruit and veg into my diet right now, which has made me pretty darn happy - and regular!

Okay - this afternoons slower then normal pace gave me a little extra time off for blogging. I wish that there was more - but there is a light to the end of this tunnel.

Once all this immigration is over - and I've moved house - should be Oct 1st and then I can unpack my computer and really give'er.


VRaz60 said...

Scales in hospitals, clinics, Dr. offices, gyms and other health related spaces are put there by the devil to make us think we are pounds and pounds heavier than we really are!! :) I weigh 8# more at the Dr. office than I do at the gym, which is 7# more than I weigh at home, which is #3 less than I weigh at the walk in clinic where I get my blood drawn. It is an evil conspiracy, I'm convinced. :)

I'm stickin' with my home scale, which is supposed to be extremely accurate. Besides, it makes me happy.

Deniz said...

Hi Tamzin

Just found your blog and will pass on a word of encouragement that my lovely hubby gave to me (and reminds me of regularly!) when I first began to try to shift my flubber.

That is don't weigh too often and that scales are there to give you a rough guide only. Even the same scales will give you three different results if you get on and off three times!

Use your clothes as the best indicator of weight loss and shape change as you get fitter. Have a R*E*A*L*L*Y tight pair of trousers and watch yourself gradually get to the stage where they fit perfectly... then get too big.

It's one helluva visual reminder that you are doing great!

All the best with it, keep at it and you will get to your goal.

Katie said...

I always weigh more at my doctor's office, too. So...I ignore it! :)
You are doing really well in your exercise! You are inspiring! :)

Tena said...

Scales are so fickle. I think it's the location. More gravity at some places, lol.

So when you get to Texas in October, don't expect to need a sweater until "maybe" Halloween. And then it will be off and on till January :D

Tamzin said...

Vraz - you are too right! ;) There is an evil consiracy and at my next weigh in... I'm sporting a tinfoil hat...see if that hepls! haha

Hi Deniz! Thank you for the note. I've got to find some goal pants! :)

Tena - I can not WAIT to get to shorts and flip weather all year!! weeeee. Summer clothing in canada is on sale now... I have to resist sine I dont want to haul too much stuff down there with me. :D

Thanks Katie! You are a darling :)