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Thursday, July 30, 2009

near miss!

Last night I had a near miss with some really destructive eating behaviors.... I was totally dying to go and "get" food... Indian, Chinese food, stop for chips and salsa... which would have turned into some very bad binging on ice cream , candy and salty foods for sure.

I made it home... paced around... made a PB&J and a PB&banana sandwich's...albeit on white buns, but it was better then what I had in mind.

Then paced around.. totally thinking about food... food food food food....

So I did 2 loads of laundry, picked up a bit, picked some zits in the mirror, plucked my eyebrows a little, and stared at my flabby belly in an attempt to stop myself from feeding it more...shook it...that didn't do the trick

Still felt like getting in the car and going to the grocery store to get some "cottage cheese" (YEAH RIGHT! who was I trying to fool) so I ended up getting a bowl of All Bran with milk and about 3 cups of red grapes. That pretty much stemmed the tide. Nothing like some fibre to make you forget that you were hungry.

All in all I was pretty happy that I managed to get through, but it was a good reminder why I can not keep junk food in the house - and that I still have a LOT of work to do on the mental side of losing weight. *scoff* Which is funny, since I've done more gaining then I've done losing so far... but a girl can dream!

I'm off for the next 4 days for the husband shag-a-thon. If that doesnt help me then nothing will! haha

Also - the tag was supposed to be a girl can "dream"... cream is funnier, so I'm going to leave it! :D happy weekend all.


Kimberly said...

I hope you have a GREAT time.

I'm super proud that you were able to stave off the urge to splurge. That is something incredibly difficult to do when we are in the midst of temptation. Awesome job!

VRaz60 said...

Have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy yourselves. I know you will. :)