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Monday, August 31, 2009

More adventures in walking

I had Friday off this week (and for the next 2 weeks mind you!! YAY for short weeks). I did a tonne of walking on Friday - with lots of breaks between though.

1. to get coffee and catch the bus to my massage (.63km).
2. to massage from bus stop (1.6km)
3. from massage to have late brunch and read paper (1.54km)
4. from breakfast to used bookstore (.95km)
5. Transit to work for quick email check and pick up some shoes (.3lm)
6. Transit part way and walked home (1.2km)

total - 6.22km

Saturday I did a little bit of walking - not as much - and then ate pretty poorly - however NOT lots. :) Which was good. I guess - in terms of what I would normally do on a bad eating day.

Sunday was another moving day - I did sleep in late (11am! Woohoo I was tired) and then packing and moving - so I would say about 8 trips up and down the stairs at the old place with bags, then another 8 trips up and down a couple of flights of stairs as well as moving my bags and also a mattress and box spring down 2 flights of stairs... Sunday was going to be my rest day - but in retrospect I was sweating like a piggy and worked pretty hard. :) in fact, I was wondering why my legs were sore today and now I know why!

okay - last bit of the day here - so I have to get moving at the office and head home... to my new room with friends. 3km to the pick up spot... and it was 2.5km to work this morning.

Doing pretty darn good.

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Katie said...

You are doing GREAT! I'm impressed. :)