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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


well... if the title isn't enough to tell you this is a TMI post then you have been warned! :)

Day 2 at the new place... I'm back living with the bad-food friends. :( Its kind of a hard place to stay as they are such good friends, but with such HORRIBLE eating habits.

Today, I felt the effects of what a diet change like that can do. For the last three weeks while I was on my own cooking and eating pretty darn well 90% of the time I had these lovely fluffy fat poops full of fibre and not hard on the butthole....

Today I just had an event in the ladies loo at the office which can only be described as... liquid trauma.

Monday night:
White pasta manicotti stuffed with 2% cottage cheese, spinach (hardly visible) and meat - lots and lots of ground beef on top with some stewed tomatoes - covered in parmasagne cheese.

Tuesday night:
Turkey pot pie - fried turkey with frozen veg (peas and carrots), potatoes and mushrooms in a flour based sauce in a pie shell... covered with another pie shell (because one can not get enough of pie crust at dinner).... thats all.

Now- don't get me wrong - was it yummy. Hell YES. I heart pie crust a lot. But my toasted flax bread with mustard, ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches with side serving of red grapes was a hell of a lot better for me... and for my butthole.

:( must get in more fruits and fibres asap!


VRaz60 said...

I can sympathize. A change in dietary habits can really "foul" things up.

Katie said...

LOL....I love a woman who isn't afraid to tell it like it is! :)

Here's to happy fiber-filled poop! :)

Tena said...

You crack me up! Maybe at least eat an apple a day? That'll put some fiber in ya. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's really hard on the digestive system to radically change one's diet overnight. A meal or maybe two like that I can deal with, but after a day or two, my whole system gets sluggish.