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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Turkish delights!

went to the gym today - even though I didn't want to and was semi trying to talk myself out of it...the pressure to stick with it and not post that I have failed on day two of goal setting got to me....YAY for blog-pressure!! :D

10min warm up - Elliptical
20x 20lbs bell rings
10x 45lbs bar military press
5x each side with 10lbs dumbbell Turkish get-ups
20x 20lbs bell rings
10x 45lbs bar military press
3x each side with 10lbs dumbbell Turkish get-ups

Stretching and hot shower and back to the office.

Walking -
AM - 2.8km
PM - 3km
total - 5.8lm

food... okay
xl coffee w/ 2 cream (didn't finish)
12 grain bagel with 2oz peanut butter
l coffee w/ 1 cream
1 blueberry bran muffin
2.5c mixed fruit
1c 1% cottage cheese
1 handful almonds
1c mixed fruit smoothie
..not too sure what is on for dinner tonight...

Water -
500ml - check
500ml - check
400ml - check
500ml - (now)
500ml - (walk home)
1,500L - (evening)
TOTAL - 3.9L


Fat Daddy said...

Good for you! It gets easier and pays off as you go. Honest.

Fat[free]Me said...

You are doing so well - I am good at that bit in the middle (pants) too, in fact, that is where I excell, lol!

Good idea to split the walking - that may be something I can do - never occured to me before!

*Fitcetera* said...

Good God Christ!
You do THOSE???

I thought we were going to be discussing the candybar. boooo!

Tamzin said...

LOL "do" in the looses sense of the word! more like attempt!