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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today's post is going to delve deep into TMI territory!! You have been warned

At the gym on Monday I strained my hip flexor a little. Now this bad boy is aching and making life uncomfortable... which would normally not be too huge an issue - rest and ice and I would be okay in a week. Except that its making spreading my legs pretty painful!!!


This weekend the hubby is flying home and we are going to a cousins wedding... and I've not seen him since May... and I was planning on not being able to walk AFTER the visit... not before!! **super pout**

So I'm not going to go to the gym today. It was a walk to the office and I'm walking home and then maybe.. if the leg is doing okay I'll walk to the grocery store.. if not. I'm driving! I have to be primed for some loven' all weekend. Other then that - its ice pack to the groin-zone for the next three evenings coupled with some vitamin I(buprofen).

That should get me right as rain! If not... as the hubby said.. "it will only hurt for a second", HAHAHAH he is too funny.


Fat Daddy said...

No pain no gain! You can't cut the hubby off. Pop those advils, take a warm bath and get ready!

No seriously, I hope you feel better.

Fat[free]Me said...

LOL - first of all, I misread the beginning of your post and thought you said stained your hip flexor! Secondly, you will be better by the weekend if you rest it now!

Lucky girl (not for the strain, for the lovin that is), le sigh..

VRaz60 said...

Rest, rest, rest. You'll be ready, I'll just bet you will. :)

Lila Leeds said...

Bwah ha ha. Rest up for the weekend girl. I guess Mondays post will be TMI aswell!

Kimberly said...

Rest is key. I recently started a walk to run program and my shins started hurting. I popped some Advil, rested for one night, only walked the next day and voila pain is gone.

And from what I've read in how to get rid of the shin pain, stretching also very important.

I hope you feel better in time to have the best time with your hubby.