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Friday, July 24, 2009

Over extended...

Once again I've set goals that I just can not keep up with, But... today I'm not going to let that be the trigger to eating fifteen bags of chips and ice cream in hopes of making myself feel better...

This week I have done is an outstanding poor job of remembering that life is hard, and that there are things that have to be done and that I CAN take time to enjoy myself in and not just constantly try to meet all obligations that other people would like me to make.

I've done a great job this week in the gym - excellent steps forward. I've had my fruit for lunch three out of five days and on the other days I've made an effort to eat a lot better. Its going well.

Last night I moved homes again. It was sad to leave friends and their family - but it was good. They are the worst eaters ever. It's so depressing. Dessert EVERY NIGHT. Yes... that is right. EVERY STINKING NIGHT. I just couldn't say no.

Yesterday was a long day -- walk home, pack, move boxes, drive back unpack, drop friend at airport - drop other friend who wanted to come at home, get back to new place and get settled again. I woke up this morning and went straight back to sleep. I was an hour and a half late to work. I just needed the rest.

so... I'm skipping my weights and I'm skipping the company party and I'm going to do an extra long walk home along the river in the sunshine and then go back to my new place (a little condo on my own for 2 weeks while a friend is traveling - bless her!!) and then a bath and then shave my legs and walk around nude and not worry about anyone but me. I'm eating fruit for dinner and drinking fizzy water for my treat and that's that!!!!!

I can't wait.


VRaz60 said...

Sometimes a good rest is just what a person needs. Enjoy a little time off. You've worked very hard lately, and probably need some "down" time. Rest, enjoy.

*Fitcetera* said...

Walking around nude helps me too.
Except watch out for slivers of wood when you sit.
Could you perhaps just focus on two things right now?
What goes in your gob and some walking?
Does it have to be everything at once?
This sounds like a stressful time for you with so much on your plate.
I'd hate to see you burn out because of it.

jo said...

I don't walk around nude, I'd scare my animals. lol

I agree that you need a good, long rest. I think that is often overlooked by people. It's just as important as eating right and exercise. You've had a good week with exercise, getting your fruit in--wonderful!

I never ate dessert nightly even when I wasn't watching what I ate. Wow.

Fat Daddy said...

Sounds like you are still staying active even though you dialed it back a notch. Amp it back up when you are ready. Good job on the eating will power.