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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I have been busier then a tornado in a trailer park this last week and a bit.

I moved twice over the weekend - and ended up traveling on the Saturday with my sports team to play out of town. It was a tough game and I'm pretty darn stiff and sore even still. Did a minimum of walking, and food has not been great. I've been getting in more water though, and still trying for about 3+ litres a day.

Moved Friday night to a friends, and then again on Sunday to my new semi-permanent place with friends... still no word on immigration. Which makes me sad. July 1 was our original date that we thought immigration would be done by. So tomorrow is going to be sad. We were hoping to spend both Canada Day and 4th of July (Independence day?) together this year.

New place is not walking distance to the office, so I am going to have to find other ways to get in my exercise now. That's going to be harder then I thought. However starting tomorrow I have 6 days off, so I'm off home to hang out with family, read, relax and get in some hiking. Time to get all my hometown fun things done while I'm still in the great white north.

On another sad note, all my extra things are packed... all I have left with me now is my work clothes, my recreational clothes, shoes, toiletries, and my immigration papers. My computer and all my other bits and bobs are all boxed up and sitting in the rental car (since I also sold my car last week) waiting to go into storage at my mums house until I move.

So I will be without technology now too. Anyway - I'm feeling pretty cut off, although I should have some computer access at home to stay in touch with my blogging.

I shall perv on your blogs later... must get to work now.

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Tena said...

Hey, Tam! Sorry things aren't going as quickly as you'd hoped. Hope you are enjoying your time off with the family :)