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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The EYE!!!!!

Today....better... I felt your "eye" on me Karen!!! Eek!

am - 2.5km
pm - 2.5km
Total - 5km

best recollection, think its complete and correct

1c Apple & Grain Activia yogurt
Coffee w/cream
Coffee w/ cream
12 grain bagel w/ 2oz peanut butter
Salad bar - rocket & various leafy things, beans, walnuts, blue cheese, various green things, 4oz chicken breast, oil & vinegar dressing
2 small rolls, 1 pat butter
Coffee w/ cream
1 whole wheat pita
4oz turkey breast
3oz cheese
1T mustard, 1T mayo
tall Starbucks skim milk half sweet mocha
1 lrg ginger cookie
1.5c green beans, carrots and potato casserole

Water is still a struggle, but its getting better - I'm carrying a little 500ml bottle with me when I walk to work and making sure I finish that before I get in the office.

Other then that... day is nearly done so I'm getting in some more water and trying to get to bed in good time again.

Tomorrow is going to be a med walk...but with a big hill! weeeeeee

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Tena said...

Kudos on the water, girlie! You're doin' it!