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Monday, June 15, 2009

WI & Walking

This morning pre-weigh in my wedding rings said "lost weight" got on the scale and it said,... sorry you are the brand new winner of more!!!!!!!!! Just what everyone wants! :(

276.6lbs.... up .4lbs

Granted I had a quite large movement at the office, but still... depressing.

Mondays Walking
am - 2.5
pm - 6
Total 8.5km

Good start to Monday, but once again... shite food has been keeping me from getting any real progress....when am I going to finally make changes that will help me instead of hinder me? Or rather, make one change for good and therefore throw another one out the window...

I'm like the scales of unhealthy justice ....

Start walking more - by fudgcicles
sleeping better - stop drinking water
Eating breakfast - buy a pastry with your mid morning coffee

I'm really just full of "if's ands and buts"... I have every excuse nailed down, I can currently convince myself that anything I can put in my mouth is fair game and I should have it. And I have a long laundry list of excuses for all my little cheats and for all the food that I don't want, need or desire but will put in my giant gob anyway.

Sorry... nothing positive today. Except for walking 8.5km. at least I have that.


Katschi (Karen) said...

ok. you know how you make the v sign and you point it towards your eyes in a horizontal position and then point it towards the other person?
I'm doing that now ... to you!
Now stop the nonsense and the excuses and get out there and kick some Tamzin ASS like I know you're capable of!!!!!!!!!
Don't make me do this alone. Pleeze.
p.s. you make me smile too! :)

Katschi (Karen) said...

the walking ... now that is fantastic!

Lisa said...


Don't lose your focus. This is not an easy journey for you or for any of us. We are all in it together.... keep walking and you will move forward on your weight loss.

Losing Lisa

Fat[free]Me said...

Great walking - kudos!

And the ring thing means more than the scales (which lie, they LIE I tell ya).

Keep up the good work and thanks for the chuckle!

Tena said...

Walk it, baby! I agree with Fat(free)Me, scales lie! Keep strong and drink that water!