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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


okay - Moday weigh in was epic fail. 275lbs. ARG

I don't know... this bloody shit is hard...I occationally feel that although I've not been totaly dilligent I have put in a meiocre effort ... therefore, could I not get at LEAST a mediocre result.. you know, 1/4lb or something?? But it starts to feel that either I go all in/hair straight back/monastic effort and lose weight, or anything less then that and the effort is wasted and I gain. I don't know... I'm not in my happy place thats for sure.

Don't mind me I've been sore and crabby since my last post.

The good:
Walking to work from the friends house is lovely. Its 2.5km and there is a very inconvenient bus route - so I don't use it. Hurray.

Walking home is good as it is really on the route that I typically walked and I can get in a good 4-6km if I want to...or more, but 2.5km in the morning and 6km in the evening (which I did on Monday) was pushing it.

ug....I just deleted about 2 paragraphs of my complaining about life and how sucking it is. MUST STOP.

I`ve spent the better part of the last hour thinking about all the places that I could go to get sweets. I`m not even remotely hungry. I`m just tired and sore and cranky and I WANT SUGAR. bleck, this is such a horrible feeling. I`m trying to distract myself with blogging to keep me out of the car.... I need to do laundry and I don't have any detergent... but I know that this is really the basic front that I`ll give myself to ``go out`` so that I can ply myself with ice cream or something chocolatey.

Anyway - enough for today. I will do a flurry of things around here and I need to have a shower so I`ll do that and hope its good enough. Another 30min and 500ml of water and I should be good. If not...I`m getting a coffee at the Starbucks....and a brownie....


1 comment:

Fat[free]Me said...

That effort doesn't sound too mediocre to me! Those are good walks and should make a difference. Doing them often enough will help you to build muscle too, which apparently, improves your metabolic rate.

Keep up the hard work, results WILL show eventually!

And Hugs

And put those sweeties down!