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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Goals!

Well I've been spending a fair amount of brain resources over the last day thinking on some goals for April….I'm not going to lie, its been hard… too many, too few, too easy, too hard…

So I'm going to focus on a few things that I think will make the biggest bang for the buck.

1. Eat Breakfast.
I will get up and eat/drink a breakfast every morning BEFORE I leave for work. I have enough protein shakes and almond milk to have at least one of those two things every morning before I go to the office. Most days its 10am before I eat something and that is just not good for the old body, I think that having a shake at 7.30am is going to be quite good for me.

2. Walk to work.
I have been slacking on the morning walk to work… for over a year. I have to start again. That 35min every morning really makes a big difference, not just physically, but mentally. Now that its April I should not encounter much in the way of really terrible weather. One month of walking to work in the mornings will be great on the belly and great on the brain!

3. Be in bed at 11.30pm or earlier Sunday through Thursday.
I never get enough sleep - lucky to get 7 hours (and typically its more like 6) and this is effecting both goals 1 and 2 since I roll out from under the covers with 20min to spare before I HAVE to get to bus to be on time to work. **motivation** I am going to keep a piggy bank at the office and every morning I walk I'm going to put my bus fair in there…$2.50 a day 5 days a week…I should have $50 at the end of the month!!

4. Weekend Adventure.
Every weekend I need to spend both Saturday and Sunday doing something OUTSIDE and fun for at least 60min. Walk, hike, throw a ball, kick a can, go for a run. Any thing - but I need to be sweaty after and have a smile on my face.

5. Push up Challenge
This is just something fun for me. I am going to (attempt) to do a push up equal to (or as close to) the days date every day. No time set - just whenever I have the time. i.e. tonight, April 1…I have to do 1 push up. Then I can see over the next few months just how far I can go up the calendar! Plus I will get sexy shoulders!!

I think that this is enough. Of course, these are on top of - eat sensibley, drink lots of water, try to get in more time at the gym, etc etc. How do you think I did?? Too hard? too easy? … not specific enough?


Anonymous said...

There's some great goals for April and I think I'm going to join you and set some goals for myself. Like more exercise and a positive attitude.

Mel said...

I think those are great goals! I like the putting money in the jar on the days you don't walk to work.. good idea.. what are your plans for the $ at the end of the month?!

Fat[free]Me said...

Brilliant goals - I love the piggy bank idea, especially!

Dani said...

I love those goals! Not only are they beneficial but you have put them in such a way that would make me want to do them! Way to reward the work you'll be doing! Love the weekend goals...it's gotta make you sweat and put a smile on your face...YAY!

Natasha said...

I love your goals! The piggy bank idea is brilliant :) I think I might apply that to my exercise goal.

Getting Healthy said...

Do not even think you needed to ask, they are great choices! They hit a bunch of areas food, exercise, rest and smiles. Have to add another vote on liking the piggy bank idea.

Anonymous said...

weekend adventures are by far a great way to get out and do something. We've recently bought bikes and this morning I've been researching cycling routes to get us out of the house this weekend!

Good luck with your goals :o)

Bunny Trails said...

I think these are fantastic goals! I love that you write them down and hold yourself accountable. Maybe I should take a few notes :)

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I think you'll find that breakfast shake will do wonders for you every morning.

And it's totally true about the extra walking making a difference plus it will give you a great start to your day.

Great goals for the month!

Anonymous said...

I love your goal ideas! I have a problem with #3. I never get to bed on time, so I always get up late for school. Great inspiration. You're getting me motivated too! :-)