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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Extra Sleep

This morning I was not getting out of bed on time. I ended up having to take the bus and was 20min late to work. Oops! Such if life.

I was going to drive out to my mini-holiday tonight, but I've changed my mind. I'm going to start early tomorrow. I'm still sick and driving in the night until 2am is not that appealing at the moment. So I'm wussing out of a late night drive. Ah well. If I set out in the early dawn, then I'll be there in good time to enjoy the evening and have a fun weekend.

1. Done - protien bar
2. Nope -bus to work today
3. tdb
4. n/a
5. tbd

bfast1 - protein bar
bfast2 - pot of yogurt and coffee w/cream
snack1 - med skim milk tea latte
snack2 - banana
lunch - rice, veggies (cabbage and bean sprouts) with chicken teryaki, water
snack3 - 16 chocolate covered almonds
snack 4 - coffee x2, 12 grain bagel with 2oz peanutbutter
dinner - Salad (2c greens, 2T red onion, 1/2c sprouts, 3oz feta cheese, 1T exvoo, 1T balasmic vinegar), 2 sausages, 2 whole wheat buns, 3T mustard
snack5 - 1L vitamin water


VRaz60 said...

Looks to me as tho' you are well on your way to success in this endeavor. Keep up the good work.

nic said...

You are doing such a great job checking in with yourself daily!

It sounds like it's best to not drive if you're still sick.

Try to feel better!

Getting Healthy said...

You are doing great sticking to it (even while not feeling good). Hoping you woke up feeling better for your weekend. It sounds like a good time.

Lisa said...

i like how you are accountable to yourself and your readers everyday. You are doing a great job!

Mrs. Fatty Pants said...

Wow, you're doing an awesome job! I'll have to remember taking it one inch at a time too.