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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Started!

I did pretty good for goals yesterday, not 100% but it was day one and there was bound to be some hick-ups.

Goals 1 & 2 were out since I made them after getting to work.

Goal 3: Bed at 11.30
I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed at 11.30 last night...rushing. Then, in a fit of avoidance...don't ask me why, since I don't have a clue....I decided that I needed to wax my arm pits (yes...I'm sorry gentle readers, but since you are here reading, its too late to take that image from your head!). Of course, I've been doing this on my own for a long time so it took 5min (and really isn't that painful!). Then the typical zit picking, face-washing, and tooth inspection...I was in bed at 11.50pm. Better then usual and closer to the goal. I do need to get started in there sooner!

Goal 4. N/A

Goal 5: Push ups
I got home and thought - I should do my pushup!!! Then I got busy and did a few things and forgot. Then I remember when I was in bed already and I didn't get out and do it, mostly since the though of doing a push up naked in my bedroom was .... laughable. I am going to do them tonight though and I'll do yesterdays today...I hope that I can actually do three push ups! haha! :)

Today has been better.

Goal1 - Done. Got up - ate a pot of yogurt. Thought about the banana, but saved it.
Goal2 - Done. Walked to work and actually, did feel much better all morning for it.
Goal3 - Done. 11.13pm...and I'm going to bed!!!!!!!
Goal4 - n/a
Goal 5 - Done....but only just! LOL omg...I can only do three full pushups.

In general food has been good today - last night I ran a bunch of errands including getting top the grocery store. I'm so happy to have more good foods in the house!!!

Bfast1 - activia yogurt
Bfast2 - banana, 2 coffees with cream
Snack1 - Key Lime Lara bar (OMG YUM!)
Snack 2 - 1 sm tin tuna, 4 rye crackers 2 laughing cow lite cheese
Lunch - Tim Hortons chili, sm coffee w/1 cream, whole wheat bun, and (don't read this) a honey cruller
Snack 3 - 15 green grapes and an orange jello(left over from post surgery food)
Snack 4 - 4 slices turkey breast, 2 laughing cow cheese
Dinner - spinach & feta egg white scramble, 1 whole wheat pita, 1T becel.
Snack 5: 1c plain yogurt, 1.5T honey, 1 handful walnuts


Anonymous said...

Great food today

spunkysuzi said...

Those cruellers call me every time i work!!

Dani said...

Awesome job sticking with your goals!! You are a going to have an awesome month and it's 3 push ups NOW...by the end of the month you'll be getting buff!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

3 pushups! WOW!!! You remember when you couldn't do one? That's awesome, you are making progress!

Have a great weekend!!!