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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Goal Met

Confession....I ate ice cream last night.......and I didn't like it. HAHAHA Holy karmic joke on me. 'Tis funny to have ice cream in the house that I can take or leave, instead of fantasize about eating out of the carton with a spoon with the freezer door open, but also good - since I will be able to tell myself I can't buy anymore while there is ice cream already at home. Win Win!

I got up today and went to the office for a couple hours, then left and went to the gym.
10 min warm up on elliptical machine.
Leg Press - 195x10 4 set of 295 x 6 reps
Calf Press - 195 x10, 295 4s x 5 reps
Hamstring Curls - 60x10 2s 100x 7r, 2s 105 x6r
Leg Extensions - 60x10 4s 100x 6rep
Lat Pull downs - 60x10 2r 90x 6r, 2r 95 x 6r
Military Press - 20 x10, 4s 25 x 6r
Bicep curls - 5s 20lbs x6r
Abs - 4 x 20r various crunches.
Lots of stretching!! I need it.

I'm really pleased with this session, I lifted more weights and generally felt a stronger. Even in one short week I've been noticing that with my increased activity I'm sleeping better. Its a good feeling.

I'm totally nervous about my weight in on Monday. The desire to lose weight is only eclipsed by the fear that I will take (again) the attitude that "this is easy pease lemon squeezey, why am I trying so hard". Well... I guess this is where the blog comes into play. Remaining ever vigilent!

Also a very quick thank you to the kind companions that have commented here! Thank you - its good to know that someone is watching!!!

Tonight I have a very late American Thanksgiving dinner. I'm bringing this amazing sprout recipe (except no cheese) and after getting to read all the posts from the blogoshere about every ones struggles, I'm going to have a healthy snack before I arrive, and then take small portion and eat slow and enjoy my food... there is always more if I need some.

I have also just posted a goal with another blogger Carolyn, 15lbs to shed from December 1st to February 1st. 2 Months. I can do it!!

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