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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby Steps

Today was weights day!
5 min warm up on elliptical machine.
Leg Press - 175x10 4 set of 295 x 6 reps
Hamstring Curls - 60x10 4s 100x 6r
Leg Extensions - 40x10 2s 85x 6r, 2s 100x 6rep
Lat Pull downs - 60x10 4r 90x 6r
Military Press - 5s 20lbs x6r
Bicep curls - 4s 20lbs x6r
Walked home 1.5km
I skipped abs today...lame ass reason. There was a Christmas vendor in the ab/stretching area with chocolates and tasty treats. Opted to walk home before I sampled any.

Today I was very hungry and obsessed about food most of the day. I ate 90% great choices. Breakfast - pot of yogurt, 1c rice, 1/3c coconut milk, 20 almonds (rice pudding a la microwave)
Snack - Skim milk 1/2 sweet green tea latte
Lunch - 8 California rolls with avocado and 2 salmon sushi, edemame
Snack - mandarin Orange
Snack 2 - sweet potato, 1/3 cup coconut milk
Snack 3 - I package of Flax Berry oatmeal
Dinner - 6 wasa crackers, 1 tbs becel, 3 slices organic flax&grain bread, 1/2 avocado, 1 tin tuna in water, 4oz low fat mozzarella cheese.

Dinner wasn't great in terms of calories. I really didn't need the crackers. or I could have had three...or I could have had an orange instead. Nor did I have anywhere near enough greens today, which might have compounded the issues.

I have to admit that I had a minor food crisis on the way home. I actually had a hunger pain!! OMG call the new channel.

I know, this is a good thing, but my sad fat brain takes this as a sign that I have to do thing, terrible terrible things like... eat ice cream. I stopped at the market to get the tuna...I stood in front the the ice cream looking at it longingly. I got more Goldfish cracker, wasa rye crackers, a tin of smooshed pumpkin (for the fab pumpkin custard recipe, but I couldn't remember the rest of the ingredients or I would be rolling around in my tub right now covered in pumpkin custard), the tuna and my new replacememnt treat lemon flavored Perrier water. I justify it with I have paid more for less useful things, and I am sitting here enjoying it as I type. Money well spent.

Anyway, I did some lateral shopping that satisfied my momentary crazy. I had to tell myself that there is food at my house, and IF... if I am hungry, I'm allowed to eat it. That seemed to quiet the beast.

This is a pattern that I have had for a long long time. I'm working hard to get it under control and have done so at various times with varying success. Its really quite scary to sit here thinking about all the things that I would have eaten if I hadn't told myself to simply wait. Not 10min ago I did a sweep through the kitchen with my radar on. I opened the fridge and then asked myself, "am I really hungry?". The answer is no. yay!

Baby Steps.

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Carolyn said...

Personally, when I work out, I try to eat somethign small before I go (liek a 100 cal pack of almonds) and then I'll work out like NUTS, and hten be dizzy sometimes, or sick. I'm never sure why... but when it hits, it hits hard.
I've actually stopped exercising a whole lot (just took on a new job as a teacher and time is NOT there) but it wasnt thta bad hwen I did it every second day. Pattern?
But I"ve learned too though, that if you're hungry, EAT. Espeically when you exercise! IT's really important! take food with you to the gym to keep in your bag and snack on it when you're done. This is the one thign I haven't done... bet it helps!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Look forward to keeping tabs on ya!