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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Interesting BodyFat Link

Today I found this link for measuring your body fat with inputting your measurements.

I put in my numbers and this is what it spat out:
Body Fat - 28.5%
Lean weight - 196.5 lbs
Fat weight - 78.5lbs

Interesting. I was thinking that I would set my goal weight at 190lbs. I guess you can look and look and look and try to get all these calculations and numbers to tell you what your ideal numbers are... but in the end your body is going to have to find its own place. I'm afraid that 190 is too light. I've been 190before in my adult life and it was for about a week, maybe 200 is a better goal?

I guess this is just like the BMI rubbish, its a tool, it gives a measure and something to gage but it is certainly not a professional body fat inspection with calipers or in the water submersion thing.

I'm going to have to set some goals very soon though. Or I will get lost in the weekly workouts without the proverbial carrot on the string to keep me going.

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