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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Office Hell Day

Today was a pretty darn Good day all things considered. Wednesday is "Treat Day" at the office, and unfortunately for me... the kitchen is steps away from my desk. A bevvy of sweets and pastries every Wednesday. Its tough to not indulge.

I tried to think about the story that I read on Prior Fat Girl. To give you the clift notes, she sees cake in the kitchen and the other ladies are eyeballing it. They see her and basically make some comments about how bad they are, and how good she is/she would never be caught eating cake. Ironically, PFG had been debating have a "small taste", but thier comments reminded her that she didn't need it.

I managed to hold off for a couple of hours, but at 11am....Cinnamon Bun from Treat Day was in my hands. It was a mini one, and only one. So I can't decide if this is a FAIL or WIN? I'm going to go with win for now, in the past is would have been 3 or 4. Although I'm inclined to feel fail since I ate it at my desk "fast and low" so that no one saw me. Guilt eating....I don't like how I feel when I do that, and in the end I didn't get to enjoy the damn thing anyway.

On to the good stuff.

Today was long walk day - 6.5km done. Big huge hill near the end...I don't know how long it was, next time I'm wearing my watch. I'm guessing 6min up.

All in, I'm going to give this day a positive review for exercise and a negative review for food maintenance.

Breakfast - pot of yogurt, coffee (3...that's bad), cinnamon bun
Lunch - small slice of lasagna, a big salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
Afternoon Snack - Melba toast, little can of tuna, diet coke, and a mandarin orange.
Pre-Dinner snack - 30 Goldfish crackers, and 10 almonds
Dinner - Rice, 1/2 chicken breast, curry sauce, spinach and 1 med sweet potato with 1/3c lite coconut milk mashed in it (very yummy).

Dessert (which I didn't need but had anyway) was a very large slice of banana bread with 1/2 tsp of becel marg.

I need to get a better breakfast in me. I'm crazier with the eating at night when I don't have enough in the morning. Nothing revolutionary, I'm just going to have to make an effort to start packing lunches and more food for the office.

Today was full of struggles and sucesses. I just have to keep moving towards more days of success and less struggling and then.....all WIN!

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