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Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Painting!!

The home is looking good. Coming together and this weekend was a busy one!

Friday morning I got in 40min of cardio on the treadmill. Still not getting the sleep that I need. Working on it - getting a solid 7 hours, need to squeak in one more!

Saturday I had the hubby working overtime building up our new bookshelves. I did some digging at the salvation army stores for some interesting picture frames. I brought them home for a song and painted them all back. They accompanied the rest of the frames i had and I completed the hall pictures hanging. Feels so good to get that kind of stuff done.

New shelves are up - husbands new desk is up - all the stuff is in boxes, so books need replacing. But the thinning is good.

This morning we got up at 8 and went for a walk, this afternoon I was over helping a friend paint her dining room. I'm beat!

I've not jumped on the scale anytime this month(?). Clothes are feeling slightly looser, but I'm afraid that whatever number I would see would really eff me in the head. No loss - why bother - big loss - time for a treat. You know. Classic self sabotage.

SO for now - I'm busy and active and I'm not pulling the scale out to see what is happening.

Right! Time to get to bed early. Sheets need to go in the drier if that's going to happen so off I goooooo!!!!!

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Loretta said...

I just found your blog & look forward to reading it often!