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Saturday, September 4, 2010

One weeks worth of updates!

Monday - rest

Tuesday - am weights
Front squats 65lbs 3set x 6 reps
military press 30lbs 3 x 6
incline press 25lbs 3 x 6
bent over rows 35lbs 3 x 6
crunches 100 (OUCH)
PM - walk and some squats in the park.

Wednesday: 35min cardio, 125 crunches

Thursday - am weights
1 arm dumbbell snatch 35 1 x 6, 30 2 x 6
Walking lunges 3 x 20 lunges (not recommended if you like being able to walk normally the next day! haha)
Lat pulldowns 100lbs 3 x 6
crunches 125

Friday - walk in the park in the evening. Xtremely sore.

Saturday - morning walk and adventure in the park. Squats and presses.

I am super sore these last few days. Its good and bad of course. I am still lacking sleep in a major way and Friday was a bad water day which really didn't help matters.

Other than that, I'm eating okay and feeling good. We are working hard on making this morning routine stick so that makes me really happy. Okay. I am going to go and have a look at my inches. I'm totally afraid to weight in ... just in case the news is bad. I don't want to get off my morning stride by a depressing weigh in.

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Natalia said...

Take some time off and relax, let your body rest. You'll feel better! :) Great work!