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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm tired!!

Wednesday was the tide turning in terms of sleep. I was sawing logs 15seconds after the light was out according to the hubby, as I don't even remember the light going out! haha We didn't get up to go to the gym on Thursday, we slept another 30min and then continued on with the day. I needed it!

Friday morning we were up and did the Friday cardio. I worked harder then I have in a while - so I guess the day of rest before did some good.

I'm happy that I'm more tired at night, and starting to want to sleep sooner. Getting up at 6 is also getting easier! Next week we are going to aim for 45min at the gym in the am. Fingers crossed. The habit is getting set.

This morning I woke naturally at 6.30 and we dozed for another hour in bed. Felt really luxurious. haha How funny as I would have typically slept until 10.

9am today, I had a weight session and we worked HARD!!! OMG and outside here. Holy crap it was HOT HOT HOT! I was drenched and I'm still thirsty. Must get some more water in me right now.

came home - long bath....read in bed. Just getting ready for some dinner and an evening of crafting I think. :)

Weekend is great thus far and should be even better when I get a good nights sleep this evening.

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